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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Office, Lucknow

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Chief Minister’s Office Section-1

Subjects dealt with in Chief Minister’s Office Section-1

1. Disposal and Monitoring of letters receives from the President/ Vice President/ Prime minister/ Speaker/Deputy Speaker monitoring Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and Union Ministers.
2. Disposal and Monitoring of letters received from the Governor, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Legislature, Secretary to the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Secretary, Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad, Chief Ministers and Ministers of other states.
3. Disposal and Monitoring letters received from the Foreign Embassies, Judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts and Vice Chancellors.
4. Disposal and Monitoring letters received from the Chairman/ Managing Directors/ Directors of National and State-level Corporations/Councils/Prestigious Organisations.
5. To acknowledge receipt of letters/memoranda from Trade Association, farmers’ associations and specialized services’ associations and to dispatch these with the orders of the competent authority to the department/office concerned and to monitor them.
6. The upkeep of appeals, progress reports and other details with respect to different departmental development projects/programmes/plans (that includes such as 20-Point Programme).
7. Typing with electronic typewriter of specialized letters sent on behalf of the Hon. Chief Minister.
8. Disposal of letters received from Ministers of the state.
9. Upkeep of reports, notices received from Hon. Ministers/Ministers of State in-charge different districts..