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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Office, Lucknow

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Directorate of Public Grievances

Brief description of action taken and arrangements made by the Uttar Pradesh Government for effective disposal of public grievances

Personal hearing of public grievances  is carried out in the Directorate of Public Grievances by Lok Shikayat Section 3 and 4. The Principal Secretary/Secretary to Chief Minister is the ex officio Director and Special Secretary to Chief Minister is ex officio Additional Director of the Directorate. For the redress of public grievances at the State level, a high powered Directorate of Public Grievances has been constituted under the Chief Minister’s Secretariat. This Directorate undertakes comprehensive inquiry into complaints of serious nature that include injustice and exploitation, received from different sources. The complaints are registered in the Directorate of Public Grievances and are followed up until they are satisfactorily decided.
As per requirement, the officer concerned is called to the Directorate to ensure the redress of the grievance. The main activities of the Directorate are as under:

  1. The Directorate shall consider the complaints according to the parameters fixed for this purpose only after it is satisfied about the genuineness of the complainant and the importance of the subject matter of the complaint.

  2. The Directorate shall obtain related files and correspondence directly from departments concerned and regional offices for the purpose of inquiry and taking a decision. Whenever the Directorate shall address the heads of departments, it shall inform the departmental secretaries as well. It should be mandatory to follow the instructions mentioned above under all circumstances.
    2 (A). During the inquiry of any complaint, the Directorate shall see if the issue has been settled with honesty and impartiality and whether the decision is taken in a judicious manner. It shall also be seen if the complainant has been apprised of the decision concerned with reasons thereof.

  3. After satisfactory examination of a complaint, in case of serious issues decision shall be taken in the Directorate at the highest level. There is a provision of the decision being taken at the Chief Minister’s level. In this connection it is very important that after the Directorate’s decision is made known, necessary action is taken at the earliest. It should not be generally necessary to bring the decided matters to the notice of the Chief Minister.
    3 (A). If the complaint received at the Directorate is of a nature that for its inquiry it is important to contact more than one department, then in this situation the Directorate shall constitute a committee of departmental secretaries concerned or heads of departments, and the Directorate shall take the decision on the recommendations of such a committee. In such cases, the Directorate shall apprise the departments concerned of the decision taken and immediate action shall be ensured accordingly.

  4. The Directorate shall investigate complaints received from the Department of Public Grievances and also those received directly, and an on-the-spot inquiry can be undertaken if required. The spot inquiry shall generally be conducted in presence of the departmental officials and relevant orders shall be issued by the Directorate in this connection.

  5. If delay or inaction is indicated in the redress of a public complaint, and if serious lapse is found on the part of an official, then the Directorate shall make the proper recommendation in such a case.