State Ministers


Ministers of State of U.P Government


S.No. Name Designation Department
1. Shri Riaz Ahmed State Minister Khadi & Village Industries
2. Shri Fareed Mahfooz Kidwai State Minister Forest,Sports,Youth Welfare
3. Shri Wasim Ahmed State Minister Child Development and Nutrition, Primary Education
4. Dr. Shiv Pratap Yadav State Minister Zoological Gardens
5. Shri Moolchandra Chauhan State Minister Tourism
6. Shri Rajiv Kumar Singh State Minister Agriculture, (Except Agriculture External Trade, Agriculture Export & Agriculture Marketing)Agriculture Education, Agriculture Research, Religious Affairs
7. Shri Abhishek Mishra State Minister Vocational Education and Skilled Development
8. Shri Narendra Verma State Minister Social Welfare, SC & ST Welfare, Sanik Kalyan
9. Shri Surendra Singh Patel   P.W.D.  & Irrigation
10. Shri Manpal Singh State Minister Transport
11. Shri Kamal Akhtar State Minister Panchayati Raj
12. Shri Shankhlal Manjhi State Minister Medical & Health, Family Welfare, Women and Child Welfare
13. Shri Kailash Chaurasia State Minister Child Development and Nutrition, Primary Education
14. Shri Rampal Rajvanshi State Minister Jail
15. Shri Ramkaran Arya State Minister External Aided Project, Overall Rural Development, Sports and Youth Welfare
16. Shri Jagdish Sonkar State Minister Land Development & Water Resources and Waste Land Development
17. Shri Rammurti Singh Verma State Minister Backward Welfare
18. Shri Vinod Kumar Pandit Singh State Minister Secondary Education
19. Shri Vijay Bahadur Pal State Minister Secondary Education
20. Shri Alok Kumar Shakya State Minister Technical Education
21. Shri Ram Sakal Gujar State Minister Technical Education
22. Shri Nitin Agarwal State Minister Medical & Health
23. Shri Yogesh Pratap Singh 'Yogesh Bhaiya' State Minister Primary Education
24. Shri Yasar Shah State Minister Energy