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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Office, Lucknow

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Chief Minister Office (Parliamentary Affairs)

Subjects Dealt with in the Chief Minister Office (Parliamentary Affairs)

1- Description of the Section (Title)- Chief Minister's Office (Parliamentary Affairs)

2- Administrative Structure:-

serial number

Name of posted officers / employees


Pay Matrix


basic salary

1 .






2 .

Mr. Bhaskar Chandra Kandpal

Under Secretary





Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Awasthi

Review Officer





Mr. Ganesh Deen





 3- In the section the edit functions-

This office receives different information under rules of Assembly and produces before Hon'ble Chief Minister (Leader of the House) different reports/reply received form departments of the Government. In addition, the following functions are also dealt with :- 

1-  All business regarding proceeding Legislative Assembly and Council.

2-  Questions of Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha.

3-  Drafting and sending of congratulations/condolences message on behalf of Hon'ble Chief Minister on various occasions.

4-  To Collect information on specific occasions such as budget and address of The Hon'ble Governor.

5-  To authorise Ministers and State Ministers to put up reply/statement before Legislative Assembly regarding subjects/questions of different departments under Hon'ble Chief Minister.

6-  To provide direction of death (information of death of present and former M.L.A. & M.L.C.

4- Arrangements & maintenance of records in the section 

1-  To keep and maintain of files regarding proceeding to be done under different rules of Legislative Assemble and Legislative Council.

2-  To Keep unmodified and modified copies of the proceeding of Legislative Assembly/Legislative Council.

3-  To keep copies of records regarding budget of departments and Financial Accounts as well as reasons of delay during budget session. 

5- Adopted process in matter to be dealt with-  

1-  Received and registered notices are delivered to concerned departments for action.

2-  Received questions-answer and notices of different rules and to make available to officers of the Chief Minister Office before next day proceeding of the house.


6- Effective rules/regulations to Conduct Business-

'The Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council, 1956' & 'The Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, 1958'.

7- Useful legal provisions- 

To make correspondence to receive information/reports regarding the address and directions of Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council and notices of the breach of priviledge. Taking action to include bills in the Agenda. 

8- Budget and it utility-

Not concerned. 

9- Sahayik persons benefited/welfare programmes and details- 

Not concerned.