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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Office, Lucknow

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Public Grievance Section-4

(1) Detail of Section : Public Grievance  Section-4
(2) Administrative Setup: Name/Designation and Pay Scale of Officers/Employees deployed.

serial number

Name of posted officers / employees


Pay Matrix


basic salary


Shri Ram Prakash

Section Officer




2 .

Mr. Yogendra Verma

Review Officer




3 .

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sahoo

Review Officer




      4 . Smt.Poornima Sahoo Review Officer 47600-151100 8 47600

5 .

Mr.Manoj Kumar Sharma

Asst. Review Officer




(3) Works performed in the section:

Complaint letters which are received from the public and have orders for being entered and for necessary action marked on them by higher level (Principal Secretary/Secretary/Special Secretary level) are entertained in Public Grievances Section-4 and proceedings for their disposal are carried out by obtaining a nothing there upon. This section is authorised to deal with complaint letters of following departments :

    1. Sugar industries and Cane Development.
    2. Food and Civil Supplies.
    3. Technical Education/Bussiness Education
    4. Labour
    5. Finance/Tax,Registration/Entertainment Tax/Institutional Finance/Banking Deptt.
    6. Public works Department
    7. Estate Department
    8. Energy
    9. Civil Aviation Dept.
    10. Home/Gopan/Prison/Visa – Passport/Home Gaurds/Civil Defence and Political Pension
    11. Vigilance
    12. Higher/Secondary/Basic Education Deptt.
    13. Sports Deptt./Election Deptt.
    14. Planning/Cultural Affairs
    15. Information
    16. National Integration
    17. Religious Endowment
    18. Servicemen Welfare
    19. Irrigation/Irrigation(Yantrick)
    20. Small Scale Industries and Export Promotion, Industrial Development/Handloom/Resham and Mining, Khadi and Gramodyog Deptt./Khadi and village industries Deptt., Environment Deptt.
    21. I.T. Eletronics
    22. Tourism
    23. Science and Technology/Addl. Energy Resources
  Following Standards have been decided for complaint letters which are entertained:
    1. Extra ordinary delay in payments of pensioners and retirement dues
    2. Employment to dependents of government employees dying in harness.
    3. Delay in payment of balance dues
    4. Delay in providing relief to members of family affected by natural calamity, riots and accidents.
    5. Problems relating to payment of compensation of land acquisition
    6. Negligence/Partiality by police in matters of serious crime like dowry, murder, kidnapping, rape, atrocities on members of schedule castes.
    7. Delay in providing electricity connection and other irregularities.
    8. Negligence/harassment by police and other government employees
    9. Corruption and irregularity in distribution of loans.
    10. Problems in employment/rehabilitation of members of family displaced by land acquisition.
    11. Delay in implementation of judicial orders/judgments.
    12. Other matters as may be directed.

Sending and monitoring work of letters of following department received from Camp office of Principal Secretary / Secretary/Special Secretaries has been allotted to Lok Shikayat Anubhag-4 by Karyalay Gyap dated 08/11/2017 of Chief Minister Office Anubhag-3

    1. Prantiya Raksha dal
    2. Resham Vikas
    3. Revenue  
    4. Public Works
    5. Judicial
    6. Culture
    7. Irrigation (Engineering) irrigation and flood control
    8. Homeguard
    9. Small irrigation and ground water
(4) Records maintained by the section :
  There are no files to be kept permanently in the section. As such, after disposal of matters the deposed files are destroyed after a certain period (3 to 4 years).
  Files under proceedings/circulation are kept department – wise in specific racks.
(5) Procedure adopted in dealing/disposal of matters :

Matters are filed in the section after orders for lodging the same in Public Grievances are given by Principal Secretary/ Secretary and Special Secretary to Chief Minister level. Monitoring of files is done till their disposal.

  Hearing/meetings for separate matters are held on the directives of higher authorities and review meetings of pending departmental matters are also held.