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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Office, Lucknow

Government of Uttar Pradesh, India

Public Grievance Section-2

(1) Name of Section: Public grievances section-2 functions under chief Minster’s secretarial –
(2) Administrative Setup- The administrative setup of this section is as follows:-

serial number

Name of posted officers / employees


Pay Matrix


basic salary


Mr. Sunil Kumar Mandal

Section Officer





Mr. Rajkumar Tiwari

Review Officer





Mrs. Rekha Rani Gupta

Review Officer




4 .

Mr. Arvind Kumar Rathore

Review Officer





Shri Raj Narayan Pal

Asstt.Review Officer




(3) Matters dealt with in the section:
  1. Monitoring and disposal of letters received in the "Janta Darshan" and during visits of Hon’ble Chief Minister.
  2. Dispatch and monitoring of such applications which are received from the common people and have orders from the Hon’ble chief minister and higher officers. (Principal Secretary/Secretary) of CM Secretariat.
  3. Monitoring and disposal of all kinds of letters received from H.E. the President/Home minister Govt. of. India and from different ministers of Govt. of India, Administrative Reforms, Public Grievances and ministry of pension.
(4) Records to be maintained in the section:
  1. Photocopy of such applications received from common people which have time bound order by Principle Secretary/Secretary on behalf of Hon’ble chief minister
  2. Dispatch Register of general references ordered by the principal Secretary/Secretary on behalf of Hon’ble Chief Minister.
  3. Un official Register
  4. Dispatch  register related with Right to information Act 2005
  5. Issue Register.
  6. Recipt Register of departmental files/references.
  7. Dispatch Register of letter received from the President Secretariat.
  8. Dispatch Register of letters received through different ministers (excluding P.M. office) of Govt. of India.
  9. Attendance Register.
(5) Procedure to be adopted for dealing the matters:

Such reference form the common people ordered by the Principal Secretary/Secretary on behalf of Hon’ble Chief Minister which require no report/answer are entered in the register  and sent in original for disposal to the concerned officer/Head of Dept. of the Govt/Division/District Level.


Such application from the common people in which time bound orders have been given by the principal Secretary/Secretary on behalf of Hon’ble Chief Minister are entered in the computer and sent to the concerned officers/Head of Department of the Govt./Division/District level for necessary action and for the monitoring of such time bound references regular reminders are sent to the concerned officers. Photocopy of such references as maintained as records and on the basis of complains report received in continuation of such time bound references disposal of said reference by computers is done through the officer-in-charge of the section Beside monitoring work of certain references is also done as per orders.

  3. Applications concerning to the President's Secretariat, department of Personnel, Public Grievances and Ministry of Pension and other Ministries (excluding P.M. office) of Govt. of India are entered in the register and sent in original to officers/Head of Departments related to Govt./Division/District level for disposal.

Action on applications received under R.T.I. Act, 2005 is taken as follows:


The applications received under R.T.I. Act are marked/transferred to the concerned officers/Head of Dept. of the Govt./Division/District level with view that the required information shall be made available to the applicant by them under R.T.I. Act. A copy of letter is also sent to the applicant for the purpose that the applicant himself may get the information from the concerned officer of the department.

    b. Regarding the above applications marked/transferred under Right to Information Act 2005 if the applicant submits an appeal to the Chief Minister office due to non-receipt of the desired information from the concerned department within time, then the applicant is again informed to submit his appeal to the appellate officer of the concerned department.
    c. The hearing notice received from the State Information Commission is submitted to the Public Information Officer through the officer incharge and the above notice is sent to the concerned department with the direction that the public information officer of the said department should appear with necessary documents on the fix date and time for hearing in the State Information Commission and should give the desired information to the applicant/should clarify his stand.

'Janta Darshan' is organized at the residence of the hon'ble. Chief Minister by public grievance  section –2.After marking the orders with the help of senior research officer/research officer as per instructions of the higher offices of C.M. Secretariat all the letters received in the 'Janta Darshan',  are sent to the concerned sections of Chief Minister Secretariat for dispatching them to the concerned officers/departments.

(6) Useful legal provisions

Public grievance section – 2 deals with the disposal of official works and duties allotted to it as per Uttar Pradesh work (distribution) rules – 1975 and according to distribution of work among sections/departments of Uttar Pradesh secretariat


Budget and its utilization

  No budget has been allotted to public grievance section – 2.

Aids/welfare programmes and details of its beneficiaries.


No Aids/welfare programmes are being conducted in public grievance Section – 2.